♪ strums guitar why is it so hard to find decent clothes at reasonable prices

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Basically all I’ve done this summer is work, play Dragon Age, and get more sweaters.

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I did a “What’s your superhero name” thing one of my Facebook friends posted, and my result was that my superpower was flight and my name was The Soarcerer.

Would anybody be remotely surprised if my superhero name was a pun that bad?

So the original price for everything I bought on Modcloth yesterday would have been like $145. But with the summer sale, $37 of store credit, and a 15% student discount, I spent $42.

I feel cool.

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I need to clean my room.

know I need to clean my room.

But Dragon Age.


every group of friends has a mom friend and if u dont have one then u are the mom friend

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I wish my friends would take random pictures of me when we hang out because I’m an arrogant prick and I want more pictures of myself that aren’t selfies.

Someone finally said it

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  • me: damn i need to save my money
  • me: *spends $200 in a week*



"can i come in?"

"i don’t know, can you?”

cursing quietly, the vampire backed away, foiled yet again by the english teacher’s pedantry

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I just bought a six-foot-long scarf.

I’m so excited.

Aaaand in the three minutes it took to choose something from my wishlist, the dress I wanted sold out.

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